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Welcome to The Trade Binder and Collectables website!

Who are we? Well, we're you...sort of.

The Trade Binder is the brain and heart child of two TCG loving nerds from Brisbane's Bayside. Chris and CJ have had the inspired dream to bring TCG singles to players at fair prices since 2018, starting with just a Facebook pageand quickly moving into a webstore thanks in large part to the support of the community.

Chris has a long history with YGO, never quite making his way to top tables, but always ending up with more cards in his binder than he started with.

CJ has been a Magic player for most of his adult life, also faring somewhat poorly at the competitive scene. He began work at a TCG store/internet cafe and quickly came to love the communities that YGO hosts, even if the game sometimes confuses him. Too many words and all.

Together we formed a mighty plan and the rest is now history.

Our objective is to meet three major criteria in our service: Fair, Fun, and Fast. Fair simply means that we endeavour to sell all of our cards at fair prices, matching or beating "App-Average" (the avg figure on the Yugiohprices website and app) where reasonable. We're also all about having fun while we do it, attempting to bring high energy to the marketplace and eventually to major events. Finally, Fast is all about speed of delivery; we post three times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) so that you never have to wait around, wondering if your tech will arrive before the big events.


You can check us out on Facebook at:www.facebook.com/thetradebinder or email us at thetradebinder1@gmail.com

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