Preorder Price Guarantee

Hey all!


So we had a couple of people asking how out Preorder Price Guarantee works. So here it is:

  •     We typically offer the PPG on core sets, but will occasionally roll it out for others where stock levels permit (Our FB post will reflect if a sdet is eligible for PPG)
  •     The guarantee is only valid for preordered cards
  •     If a card on release date is cheaper on than when you bought it, you can get a credit of the difference to your TTBAC account
  •     You need to message us via Facebook ( or email ( to claim this.
  •     The credit must be claimed up to 48 hours after release
  •     We don't refund the difference in cash/paypal/credit card.

We worked long and hard to build a system that lets our customers get the best price, and we hope that we've given you the confidence to buy early and not miss out!